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Art + Sip

Our Co-Curator and CEO, Jaron Robinson, and his wife Dyan attended a paint and sip class back in 2019. They love and enjoyed the vibe of creating while drinking their wine. The picture they painted was well known. Often wanting to support others and those not seen or heard, Jaron wondered, what if they painted artwork done by a local artist instead of a well known piece, Jaron loved to write poetry, and thought why not have a poet reading their work that correlates with the piece being painted? Wouldn't this be a vibe?


After several years of thoughts, planning and a pandemic, the concept of Art + Sip was created in 2021.

Wine Colors Art + Sip is a mobile platform that curates immersive and artistic experiences for community members.

Art + Sip allows community to enjoy creating Art while they Sip their beverage of choice. Wine Colors involves alcoholic beverages being served. 

Visual artists teach a session on how to create art in their own style and medium choice, while performing artists get to showcase their talent during the intermission. This session becomes a immersive and creative variety show that evoke a sensory experience in community members.

What is Art + Sip?: Welcome




Founder + Co Curator

Jaron Robinson is a Kansas City, KS native and a aspiring poet/spoken word artist. His love for art includes both visual and performing art. As Founder + Co Curator of Wine Colors Art + Sip, Jaron is eager to curate sessions that show our communities how important art is in our lives, and the people who create it.


Co Curator

Imani Cooley is a southern girl who loves to express herself through ALL art! Her love for art started at a young age from sketching, painting, music, and more! Being the Co curator of Wine Colors, she is thrilled and exhilarated to be able to share with everyone her LOVE of art through Art + Sip sessions!

What is Art + Sip?: Team Members
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